2014 Conference Overview

As a leading platform for discussion and debate on issues confronting the Mediterranean's burgeoning cruise market, the conference is an integral part of this event. A comprehensive program and high level speaker line-up in 2012 attracted over 750 delegates from more than 50 countries, including many cruise line executives.

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Tuesday 16 September

Morning session

The State of the Cruise Industry in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean continues to enjoy stellar status as the world's second most visited cruise destination, despite challenging conditions in the southern European source markets and the instability generated by the Arab Spring and other factors. A high level panel from the cruise lines will discuss the outlook for the region as the world economy moves out of recession and as the range of offerings in the Med proliferates, with new ships new itineraries and new ports of call.

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Upscale Cruising

The Med holds a particular attraction for luxury cruise operators. With new investment in prospect, what is the outlook for the upscale sector in Europe and beyond, and how will the lines develop their offerings to meet the demands of the industry's most discriminating consumers? How should the lines and destinations work together to enhance the diversity of destination and shorex experience?

Logistics & Ship Supply

Cruise ship supply is an important element of the economic footprint from cruise tourism. But successful suppliers need to meet the stringent demands of cruise lines in terms of quality, quantity, and consistency. This session will look at the dynamic of ship supply in the Mediterranean ports and the logistic challenges of meeting deadlines in a major hub port like Barcelona. 

Wednesday 17 September

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Build, Repair, Refurbish – a Lifecycle of Change

Refurbishments, refits, upgrades, conversions and lengthenings are all vital elements in cruise lines' newbuilding programmes. With owners wanting to incorporate the latest designs, cutting-edge technology and onboard features that are appearing on new deliveries across their entire fleets, major makeovers are a common practice every three to five years in a ship's lifecycle. A look at opportunities for cruise lines, shipyards and suppliers in this buoyant sector.

Marketing, Sales & Distribution of the Cruise Product

Cruise line sales and marketing strategies for the European source markets and innovative ways of reaching national markets. This session focuses on lines' interaction with the sales and distribution channels to tap new to cruise passengers and repeaters. How social media and mobile technology are driving digital marketing to consumers.

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15:00 - 16:30

Ports, Terminals & Cruise Lines

Continued growth of cruise tourism in the Med depends on successful interaction between cruise lines on the one hand, and ports and destinations on the other. This session will look at the nature of that relationship, and the challenges and opportunities it offers for both parties, as ships get bigger and the challenges of handling passenger volumes in safety, comfort and security increase.

Green Ideas & Inspirations

With Emission Control Areas becoming more widespread will the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions be next? How might this legislation effect cruise lines and ports in the region and how to prepare? Vast strides are being made in the areas of ship efficiency and new technologies, this session will review and discuss cruising's fast moving Green Agenda including onboard innovations, shoreside power and waste reception facilities.

Thursday 18 September

Morning session: 1000-12:00 

Itinerary & Shorex

With the ever-increasing success of the Mediterranean as a cruise destination, cruise lines are constantly looking to improve their itineraries across the region, covering West and Eastern Med, North Africa, the Adriatic and Black Seas and the Atlantic islands. Destinations must continue to develop stimulating and varied shore excursions to entice both cruise lines and passengers alike. What are the challenges for both parties, and how can they work together to achieve their goals? How are fuel and port costs affecting itinerary planning decisions?

This program is subject to change anytime without notice.